Battle Rope Variations

Course Aim:

This course explores the advanced variations for battle rope training as a progression from Battle Rope Foundations.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course, the learner will be able to:

  • checkmarkName and identify the dozens of different variations of battle wave patterns, stances and positions
  • checkmarkName and identify variations for adding isometric and dynamic lower body movements to provide additional challenges to battle rope wave training
  • checkmarkDescribe how to perform each variation
  • checkmarkUnderstand how each variation will challenge the body, and therefore how to progressively apply these variations with clients

Course Content

7 lessons - 16 review quizes - 2 summative assessments - 3.8 hours Duration

BRV L1 - Course Introduction

BRV L2 - Even More Wave Patterns

BRV L3 - Isometric Holds

BRV L4 - Other Stance or Positions

BRV L5 - Slow Dynamic Variations

BRV L6 - Dynamic Variations

BRV L7 - More Dynamic Variations

BRV L8 - Dynamic Jumps & Hops

BRV L9 - Even More Variations

BRV L2 Review Quiz 1

BRV L2 Review Quiz 2

BRV L3 Review Quiz 1

BRV L3 Review Quiz 2

BRV L4 Review Quiz 1

BRV L4 Review Quiz 2

BRV L5 Review Quiz 1

BRV L5 Review Quiz 2

BRV L6 Review Quiz 1

BRV L6 Review Quiz 2

BRV L7 Review Quiz 1

BRV L7 Review Quiz 2

BRV L8 Review Quiz 1

BRV L8 Review Quiz 2

BRV L9 Review Quiz 1

BRV L9 Review Quiz 2



BRV Summative Assessment 1

BRV Summative Assessment 2